The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada Transportation Emergency Assistance Program, TEAP® III, aims to maintain a national emergency response network capable of safely and efficiently mitigating the impacts of a chemical transportation incident anywhere in the country. TEAP® III provides a forum for CIAC members, transportation companies, and emergency response service providers to share information and successful practices, and to encourage continuous improvement around chemical transportation emergency preparedness and response.

Through TEAP® III, CIAC and its partner organizations have established two standards: the CIAC Transportation Emergency Response Standard and the TEAP® III Transportation Emergency Response Service Provider Standard.

CIAC’s Transportation Emergency Response Standard sets the minimum criteria that CIAC member-companies must meet for road and rail emergency preparedness and response – including requirements for planning, administration, training, resource utilization and assessment. CIAC members can find more information about this standard, and related documents, on the association’s Memberlink website.

The TEAP® III Transportation Emergency Response Service Provider (TERSP) Standard outlines the criteria used by TEAP’s assessment teams,  to evaluate a service provider’s ability to safely mitigate the impacts of a chemical transportation incident.  A list of TEAP® III-registered service providers can be found here. 

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