The TEAP III TERSP Standard Training Program covers the history of the program, the key components of the TEAP III Transportation Emergency Response Service Provider Standard, and provides an overview of a number of other supporting documents. This training is required for anyone participating in the assessment process. Until August 2019, this training has been offered twice a year and delivered via scheduled webinars. Coming soon, TEAP III TERSP Standard training will be available online, anytime. Check back soon for an updated launch date!

Upcoming Training Sessions 

None scheduled

Who Should Attend

TERSP Location Leaders and anyone else at their company who will be participating in the assessment or completing the annual update form

Assessment Team Leaders, members, and observers

TEAP III Committee members, CIAC member-company representatives, and Transport Canada inspectors or remedial-measures specialists

Webinar Cost

$150 for the first participant, and $75 for subsequent participants from the same company.

There is no charge for assessors, TEAP III Committee members,  Transport Canada inspectors, or Transport Canada remedial-measures specialists.

Invoices will be issued to participants prior to training.

All individuals who register for a training session but who fail to attend without cancelling will be charged a 75$ fee.

Need More Information?

Contact Kara Edwards at the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada,  at 613-237-6215 ext. 244.